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4 Reasons You Need Professional Headshots

Whether you are looking for a new job, starting a new business, or have an online presence, an updated professional headshot is a must.

1. You're Still Using Selfies

Selfies can hold over for a little while, but nothing beats a professional headshot to make you stand out from the crowd and to show everyone you're the real deal. I'm even guilty of doing this! Lord knows I would rather be behind the camera than in front, but it is so important to showcase yourself in the best light possible.

2. You're Ready to Establish Your Personal Brand

Your headshots are likely to be published on your company’s website, on your personal portfolio, on social media, and in countless other places. To keep your personal brand consistent, you need the right headshots. Consider an expertly done, polished head shot as an investment in your future as a business professional.

3. You Need More Variety

Having one great headshot isn’t always enough. As you make a name for yourself, your profile is likely to be published on a wide range of websites and social media accounts. Over time, sharing the same headshot can make you look out of touch.

To avoid including the same photo every time you speak at an event or join a professional network, get an updated set of headshots.

4.You’ve Changed Your Look

If you have ever spent time and money on professional headshots, you might be inclined to keep reusing them to get the most out of them possible, However, if you no longer look anything like your old headshots, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Any time you make a significant change to your appearance, such as altering your hairstyle or color, or gaining or losing significant weight, it’s important to update your headshots so they are creating an accurate depiction of you for clients and colleagues.

If you and/or your team are in need of updated professional headshots, I can help with that. Think about what makes sense for you, be that an outdoor setting with natural light, or a more studio-style professional portrait. I am set up to accommodate you either way.

Get in touch with me today to schedule your new professional headshots!

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