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Christmas Tree Farm Sessions

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

I started my photography journey in 2021 during a worldwide pandemic, oof.... Sounds like a great time to start a service-based business, right? Luckily by the end of 2021 people were getting vaccinated, and the world was slowly opening up again. Late October I was starting to plan my first Christmas mini sessions and I happened to come across Gilbert's Tree Farm Facebook page one night scrolling before bed. I noticed the owners had posted about opening the farm up to photographers just a couple of days that year, but November 6th was the last day to get in on the offer. As you can probably imagine I rushed straight to

messenger to see if I could somehow convince the owner to allow me to drive up to the farm for promo shots the very next day, Thankfully, Mr. Gilbert was quick to reply and was more than willing to allow me to do just that! The next day also happened to be kid's church dress up night for Halloween, or really their fall festival night if you want to get technical. I had to hurry and get up I85 before the sunset and back before church started. I was determined though! I rushed my daughter and my pup up to the farm with a few props and took my promo shots like a champ! We even got back in time to change for church! It's the little wins, y'all. Surprisingly I was able to create an ad and get a few bookings despite the short notice.

The 1st family were dear friends of mine. I was so honored she trusted me to photograph her family's Christmas card images. These sweet girls are just precious.

My second session was really unique in that they were expecting their 2nd child and wanted to do a baby announcement along with Christmas cards. Little Saphina was the sweetest and a real force too. She instantly fell in love with the wagon. I mean, who can blame her? It was hilarious, she was not leaving unless the wagon was coming with! Dad had to pull her all the way back to the car.

Lastly, but certainly not least the Wood's family had me rolling. They were full of energy and laughter. The love they have for each other just pours out of them. They had the cutest sibling dynamic too. After the normal portraits I was able to pull out the glitter and let the kids go to town. They were so much fun!

Last year was last minute so I'm really excited to be able to shoot out there again this year. The farm is open on October 22nd and November 5th for photographers. I still have a few spots open so if you're reading and interested in grabbing one, shoot me a message. Hope to see you soon!

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