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It's Official! Audra Michelle Photography is Serving Auburn/Opelika!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey friends! I just wanted to hop on and say thanks for making your way to my website and taking the time to read! Your support means so much to me! Most of you know me already but there are a few that have found me from other places, so I also wanted to take the time to introduce myself and give you a little background. Michelle is my middle name and how most everyone knows me. I have an amazing partner in life, Bernard and 2 incredible daughters, McKenzie 16 and Kennedy 8. I work fulltime in Human Resources but also have a love/passion for photography. My dream job as a little girl was to be a National Geographic Photographer. The ability to get paid to travel and tell incredible stories through photographs was mesmerizing to me! Just think of it still gets me. How blessed they are!! I became a mother pretty young, and my focus was more on practicality and stability than chasing a career that required traveling. I never lost my love for photography though. As a matter of fact, my father and his best friends are incredibly talented photographers and journalist and I've always admired them. That really brings me to where I'm at today. As my children grow and I become more stable in my life and career I wanted to rekindle that passion for photography. I dove deep into studying all I could, still am really, and now as a mother I really find family and lifestyle photography to be incredibly important and beautiful. Still portraits are nice but it's the candid's captured during sessions that really tell the story and represent the people being photographed. That's what makes them really special and honestly lights me up. As I started to learn and grow, I decided to take this journey to the next level so that I could not only continue learning but serve other people as well!! Here's to following dreams better late than never!! Thanks again for your support and taking the time to read. XOXO

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